Basket is a concept project for a shared list management application. Allowing multiple people to view and edit a single list provides users with a collaborative, efficient, and social way to shop. Once logged into the application, users are prompted to select a “Quick List” or a “Detailed List.” A Quick List is simply a list of items in no particular order, where as a Detailed List provides the user with the ability to detail the item with the item name, amount, and department in the grocery store. Basket then combines all the items within each category so the user does not have to go back and forth between departments. This helps keep the user organized and efficient, cutting down significantly on time spent in the store.

In the Basket app, users are also able to assign items to individual people, providing a seamless way to coordinate and divide tasks. Whether someone lives with one, two, or six other people, Basket is an easy-to-use product that simplifies the typically mundane task of grocery shopping.